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Registration January 17th - February 14th 

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About Marshdale

Our Mission: To passionately and professionally ensure every person in the Marshdale community has the ability, mindset and health to envision and fulfill their dreams.

Marshdale's hallmark is its tight-knit, welcoming and positive community. We prioritize our school's climate, collaborative spirit and results. Creating a high-functioning relationship between our teachers, students and families is vital to our success. We recognize professional collaboration as best practice to ensure every student fulfills his or her potential.

Our work is ultimately defined by the achievement of Marshdale's students in the classroom and beyond. Some specific points of pride: technology integrated into every classroom, art/music/physical education for all, PTA community events, Watch DOGS, Character Counts, Student Leadership, school-wide community service projects, inclusion of students with disabilities, enrichment opportunities, and parent volunteers.