Health Room

Health Room
Health Room Aide - Christina Haydon

Voicemail: 303-982-5168
Email: [email protected]

Marshdale's Health Room is staffed each day for 7 hours by our Health Room Aide, Christina Haydon. She is trained to help children who do not feel well, need first aid or require medication at school. If she is not available, our office staff will help to take care of students' needs.

Our District Registered Nurse is Morgan Stroop ([email protected]). She is on staff to provide health and nursing support to schools and programs within her articulation area. School-based health room aides, working as paraprofessionals, are trained and delegated through the District Registered Nurses to provide direct student care in schools.

Don't know whether to send your child to school or keep them home?  Here is a document with clear guidelines: How Sick is too Sick?

Covid Information: COVID GUIDELINES

Some parents ask us: When is my student too sick to come to school? Here are some thoughts from

  • Is your child well enough to engage in class? If ill kids seem too run-down to get much out of school, you might consider keeping them at home.
  • Does your child have a fever? Fevers of 100.4 degrees F or more are generally a sign of illness.
  • Do you think your child has a contagious illness, such as the flu or pinkeye? If so, keep them at home until they're no longer infectious.
Common ailments among school-aged children: 

  • Fever - Wait until children are fever-free for 24 hours before letting them return to school.
  • Diarrhea - Keep children home until stools are formed and your doctor gives the okay.
  • Vomiting - Keep children home until they are 24-hours free from vomiting.
  • Severe cough and cold symptoms should keep kids home from school.
  • Sore throat - If your child has been diagnosed with strep throat, keep him/her home for at least 24 after starting antibiotics. If your child has a mild cold, it's okay to go to school.
  • Pinkeye is contagious and children should stay home from school for the first 24 hours after treatment begins.
  • Rashes - Children should be kept home until they're diagnosed.
  • Earaches aren't contagious and there's no need to keep a child with a mild earache home as long as he/she feels well enough to concentrate.
  • Mild cold or respiratory symptoms are no reason to keep children at home so long as their nasal drainage is clear and their cough is mild.

Medication: Any medication, either over-the-counter or prescription, including cough drops, needs to brought into the clinic by a parent and a medication agreement needs to be completed. Please, for the safety of our children, do not send medication with your child on the bus.

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