Hug and Go Procedure

Hug & Go Procedure

Marshdale Hug & Go Map
KG-5th Grade Students:

- Students dropped off or picked up by a parent use what we call "Hug & Go."

- Cars enter Marshdale’s Hug & Go lane off of Ocelot Trail road (1)
- Exit Marshdale onto North Turkey Creek from the main Marshdale entrance (2)
- Students in 1st -5th grades (no kinder siblings) are dropped off, and picked up, along the turf field on the playground north of the building (3)
- All kinder parents pick up their kindergartner and siblings on the north side of the peninsula (4)
- If the cue for kinder families is held up, parents are asked to pull around to the south side of the peninsula to help the flow of traffic (5)

- Do not let your student exit your vehicle unless a staff member is present (staff are at Hug & Go from 7:45-7:55am each morning)

- For dismissal, pick up begins at 2:35pm, follow the same pattern

Kindergarten Student Notes:

- Teachers and Paras are on site to walk your child to the car (pick up) or building (drop off)

- Stay in your car at all times

- Have your kindergartner practice buckling and unbuckling their seatbelt

- Seat your child on the passenger side of the vehicle, so they get out/in of the car on the building side only

-PM ONLY: Kinder parents can skip the Ocelot overflow lot and drive up Ocelot and advance to the Kindergarten pick up area. 

Preschool Hug & Go:
See diagram HERE
Staff are at Hug & Go from 7:45-7:55am each morning for drop off
- Wait until buses leave before pulling up in the bus lane
- If you arrive after 2:35pm, be aware of traffic leaving the school from the north side of the peninsula (see diagram)

Parking at Marshdale Park & Walking to Meet Child:
- Ensure your child knows to meet you on the south end of the park (old Hug & Go)
- There will be a coned area for parents to wait for their child (6)
- To keep your child safe, a staff member will assist your child in crossing Ocelot Trail, once you are located
- Please DO NOT cross Ocelot Trail road
- If you do not see your child in a timely manner, please ask the staff member to radio the front office to locate them